How tall is Aaron Gordon?

Aaron Gordon, a gifted professional basketball player, hails from the vibrant city of San Jose, California. Born on September 16, 1995, Gordon's journey in basketball began to flourish during his college years at the University of Arizona. With his exceptional talent, he caught the attention of NBA scouts, showcasing his remarkable athleticism, versatility, and skill set that set him apart. In 2014, Gordon's dreams turned into reality as he was drafted fourth overall by the Orlando Magic. His arrival in the NBA was met with excitement as fans eagerly awaited his high-flying dunks and energetic style of play. Known for his gravity-defying leaps, Gordon became a fan favorite during the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, leaving spectators in awe with his jaw-dropping aerial displays and creative slams.

6 feet 8 inches
2 m 03 cm

How tall is Aaron Gordon?

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