How tall is Anjli Mohindra?

Anjli Mohindra was born to Sandy and Bob Mohindra's parents in Edgware, London. She attended West Bridgford School in Nottingham and was accepted into the Carlton Junior Television Workshops when she was twelve years old. She started out as a child actor working on the Doctor Who franchise, The Sarah Jane Adventures, in a number of seasons.Anjli Mohindra is an actress of British descent. She had been born in Edgware, England, to parents Suranjan and Atul Mohindra. She studied at the Nottingham Television Workshop and won the BAFTA-Award. She was aware of her role as a recurring Rani series in Doctor Who Franchise' The Sarah Jane Adventures,' which lasted for five series and is best known for her depiction of Nadia character in hit UK TV show

5 feet 6 inches
1 m 70 cm

How tall is Anjli Mohindra?

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