How tall is Ariana Greenblatt?

Ariana Greenblatt, the rising luminary of the American movie industry, has captivated audiences far and wide with her remarkable performances. She etched her name in the annals of showbiz by embodying diverse characters that have left an indelible mark. Hailing from the vibrant city of New York, Ariana Greenblatt graced the world with her presence on August 27, 2007. Her journey into the captivating world of acting commenced at the tender age of 6 when she made her initial forays into television, leaving a trail of unforgettable guest appearances on acclaimed shows like "Liv and Maddie" and "The Haunted Hathaways." However, it was in 2016 that her star truly ascended as she stepped into the shoes of Daphne Diaz in the Disney Channel's beloved family comedy series, "Stuck in the Middle." This heartwarming tale of a family navigating life with ten children ran for a triumphant three seasons and amassed a remarkable 80 episodes. In 2018, Ariana Greenblatt donned the role of the young and fearless Gamora in the blockbuster hit "Avengers: Infinity War." Her portrayal not only resonated with audiences but also garnered critical acclaim, solidifying her position as a remarkable talent in the industry. Her cinematic journey continued to flourish with appearances in noteworthy films such as "In the Heights" (2021) and "Love and Monsters" (2020), showcasing her versatility as an actress. Fast forward to 2023, and Ariana Greenblatt is at the zenith of her career. She astounded audiences as Koa in the gripping science fiction thriller "65," and her star power shone brightly as she embodied the iconic role of Sasha in the Barbie film. Additionally, she graced Disney+ as the young Ahsoka Tano in the eagerly anticipated "Ahsoka" series, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the Disney universe. Her talents continue to shine as she's all set to take on the role of Tiny Tina in the highly anticipated Borderlands adaptation. In the bustling world of Hollywood, Ariana Greenblatt is an iridescent comet, and her trajectory is bound for greatness. With her exceptional acting prowess and unwavering determination, she stands on the precipice of a brilliant and promising future.

4 feet 2 inches
1 m 28 cm

How tall is Ariana Greenblatt?

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