How tall is Bob Mortimer?

Robert Renwick Mortimer (born May 23, 1959) is an English comedian, host of podcast, and actor. He is remembered as part of their Vic and Bob sitcom double act for his association with Vic Reeves.Mortimer attended Acklam High School in Acklam, Middlesbrough on the grounds of Acklam Mansion. His schoolmates included Ali Brownlee, who became a BBC Tees athletics hostMortimer went to the Goldsmith's Tavern in New Cross, London in 1986 to see a new performance by a comic named Vic Reeves. The production pleased Mortimer, particularly the character Tappy Lappy, who was Reeves trying to tap dance while wearing a Bryan Ferry mask and flanks on his feet.

5 feet 6 inches
1 m 70 cm

How tall is Bob Mortimer?

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