How tall is Bonnie Langford?

Bonita Melody Lysette Langford was born in Hampton Court, Surrey on 22 July 1964. At the age of six she had won the tv talent contest of Hughie Green's Opportunity Knocks (1956) and gained Equity ownership. She later studied at the London-based Arts Educational and Italia Conti stage schools. She performed at New York's Broadway ("Gypsy"), London's West End ("Gone With the Wind") and tv shows (including the stunning variations of Bonnie and Lena (Lena Zavaroni) during her early twenties. Her biggest mid-1970s fame came when she played "Elizabeth Bott" in 7 of 27 episodes of Just William (1976) children's drama series.

5 feet 1 inches
1 m 55 cm

How tall is Bonnie Langford?

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