How tall is Cari Champion?

Cari Champion (born 1 June 1978) is an American radio journalist and a voice on television. She previously worked with the Tennis Channel as an interviewer and editor, and as host of the First Take on ESPN2. Champion was an host for ESPN's SportsCenter flagship show in July 2014. Champion began her broadcasting career at many TV stations. For her first news job, She moved to West Virginia. She said of working there later: "I was a one-man-band with a microphone and a tripod and it was a god-awful thing. Champion joined ESPN on 1 October 2012 as the new host of ESPN2's daily analysis program First Take. She had been recruited for the role over Heidi Watney and Jemele Hill.

5 feet 9 inches
1 m 77 cm

How tall is Cari Champion?

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