How tall is Catriona MacColl?

Catriona MacColl was born in London, England, on 3 October 1954. MacColl was originally a ballerina who studied at England's top dance school before sustaining an accident that suddenly curtailed her budding dancing career. Following the injury, Catriona entered a repertory company the ultimately led her to move to Paris, France, where she appeared on French TV shows and played her first lead role as the titular character in Lady Oscar (1979).Through playing the female leads in three grotesque and surreal Italian horror films directed through Lucio Fulci: City of the Living Dead (1980), The Below (1981), and The House by the Graveyard (1981), MacColl gained her most lasting success in genre cinema. Catriona also works with pleasing regularity in both films and TV shows alike.

5 feet 5 inches
1 m 66 cm

How tall is Catriona MacColl?

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