How tall is Cherie Lunghi?

Cherie Lunghi was born as Cherie Mary Lunghi on 4 April 1952 in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England. She is an actor, known for Excalibur (1981), Frankenstein (1994) from Mary Shelley, and The Project (1986). Has one daughter born 26 August 1986 with film director Roland Joffé, Nathalie Lunghi (full name Nathalie Kathleen Lunghi-Joffé). Broken up in west London by her English mum, and aunts, after her Italian father abandoned the family.Cherie played Hedvig on BBC radio in The Wild Duck and Alice in Alice in Wonderland, when she was still a student at the Hyde Park Arts Education Academy. In the late seventies, chief technician at the Royal Shakespeare Company (Perdita, Cordelia, Viola), then left to play Guinevere in Excalibur (1981) and follow a film career.

5 feet 5 inches
1 m 66 cm

How tall is Cherie Lunghi?

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