How tall is Christopher Backus?

Christopher Backus was born as Christopher P. Backus on 30th October 1981 in Orange County, California, USA. Popular for Jett (2019), Mindhunter (2017), and Big Little Lies (2017), he is an actor. Since 11 June 2004 he has been married to Mira Sorvino. They have four kids. Has four children with wife Mira Sorvino: daughter Mattea Angel (born on 3 November 2004), son Johnny Christopher King (born on 29 May 2006), son Holden Paul Terry (born on 22 June 2009), and daughter Lucia (born on 3 May 2012). Has many tattoos by Katherine von Drachenberg (aka Kat Von D), including a wedding band named after his aunt and Mira Sorvino.

6 feet 3 inches
1 m 92 cm

How tall is Christopher Backus?

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