How tall was Dack Rambo?

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Dack (named Norman) and Dirk Rambo (Orman), identical twin brother, were born in 1941 in sunny California. The noticeable difference between Dack and him was a mole on his left cheek. This happened during an acting career, at age 21, after being spotted for her TV show by Loretta Young while seated in a church pew. While Dirk found success on episodic-TV (The Virginian (1962), Dragnet 1967 (1967)), Dack went on to a couple of other TV series, including Never Too Young (1965) and The Guns of Will Sonnett (1967). Dirk was tragically killed in 1967, after being struck by a drunken driver.

6 feet
1 m 83 cm

How tall is Dack Rambo?

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