How tall is Damien Thomas?

Damien Thomas is a British actor, known for his distinct roles in film and television, particularly in the genres of horror and drama. Born on April 11, 1942, in Ismaïlia, Egypt, to British parents, Thomas developed an interest in acting at a young age. Thomas' career spans several decades, beginning in the late 1960s. He gained recognition for his role as Count Karnstein in "Twins of Evil" (1971), a part of the Hammer Horror series. His portrayal of charismatic and menacing characters in horror films made him a memorable figure in the genre. Aside from horror, Thomas has showcased his versatility across various genres. He appeared in the historical drama "Henry VIII and His Six Wives" (1972) and had roles in films like "Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger" (1977) and "The Message" (1976). His television appearances include notable series such as "Dynasty" and "The Crown." Thomas is also recognized for his stage work, having performed in various productions in the UK. His theatrical background has contributed to his dynamic presence on screen, adding depth to his film and television performances. Throughout his career, Damien Thomas has been appreciated for his distinctive voice and commanding screen presence, making him a well-respected actor in both horror cinema and beyond. His contributions to the entertainment industry have earned him a place among notable British actors.

5 feet 11 inches
1 m 82 cm

How tall is Damien Thomas?

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