How tall is Damon Herriman?

Raised in Melbourne, Southern Australia, Australia, on March 31, 1970. He is a well known actor and performer, Judy & Punch (2019), Justified (2010), Mindhunter (2007).He was nominated for three awards for Logie. He received the Penquin Prize in 1989 for ' Excellence in a Juvenile Role. ' He won the Best Actor Award for his contribution to the 2008 St Kilda Film Festival's short film "Lens Love Story."He has collaborated with Clint Eastwood, David Mamet, Steven Soderbergh, Gore Verbinski, Andrew Dominik, David Fincher, Quentin Tarantino, Barry Jenkins and many other directors of the community. 2012 Appointed to the 52nd Monte-Carlo Television Festival as the leading actor in the TV series, sitcom, for "LAID."

5 feet 6 inches
1 m 70 cm

How tall is Damon Herriman?

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