How tall was Dan Dailey?

Dan Dailey was born in New York City and started his career in vaudeville and later made his Broadway debut in the stage version of "Babes in Arms." The studio originally cast him as a Nazi in The Mortal Storm (1940), when he was signed to MGM. The studio made a mistake and then cast him into music movies. Then, Dailey later returned to the acting after working in World War II to make more musicals.He booked himself in the Menninger Clinic for five months in 1951 and, upon his return to Hollywood, openly introduced his observations there to Hedda Hopper and other writers, finding out that his "cracking up" over a period of time caused the imperative of this break from his hectic show business life.

6 feet 3 inches
1 m 91 cm

How tall is Dan Dailey?

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