How tall is David Arquette?

David Arquette (born September 8, 1971) is an American on-screen character, proficient grappler, movie chief, maker, screenwriter and style originator. An individual from the Arquette acting family, he initially got known during the mid-1990s in the wake of featuring in a few Hollywood movies, for example, the Scream arrangement, Wild Bill, Never Been Kissed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, See Spot Run and Eight Legged Freaks. He has since had a few TV jobs, for example, Jason Ventress on ABC's In Case of Emergency. As an expert grappler, he is associated with his scandalous stretch in World Championship Wrestling where he was a one time WCW World Heavyweight Champion however has gotten acclaim as of late, for his work on the autonomous circuit.

5 feet 9 inches
1 m 77 cm

How tall is David Arquette?

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