How tall is E.T.?

Viola Lynn Collins, born to Patricia Lynn (Campbell) and Phillip Dean Collins in Houston, Texas. She attended the Juilliard School for Acting and had much Shakespearean experience before being cast as "Portia" in "The Venice Merchant." She also played "Ophelia" in New York's "Hamlet" production and was "Juliet" in "Romeo and Juliet" by Peter Hall at Los Ahmanson Theatre. Graduated from Klein High School outside Houston, Tex. Singer Lyle Lovett, actress Sherry Stringfield, actors Lee Pace and Matt Bomer, novelist Tom Vaughan, and the Olympic Gold Medalist Laura Wilkinson are among the other KHS alumni. Her family moved to Singapore when she was four years old and stayed there for six years, before going back to Houston.

3 feet 4 inches
1 m 02 cm

How tall is E.T.?

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