How tall is Fiona Wade?

Fiona Wade was born in the United Kingdom on 20 March 1979. The actress is known to include Emmerdale (1972), 24Seven (2001), and Grange Hill (1978). She is an actress. Since 26 October 2019, she has married Simon Cotton. Became engaged to her boyfriend of 18 months Simon Cotton on New Year's Eve 2018, having met on the set of Emmerdale (1972). Her Emmerdale (1972) character Priya Sharma became the 27th woman on the soap opera to give birth. Priya had a daughter Amba (played by Ava Jayasinghe), born on May 16, 2014.

4 feet 11 inches
1 m 50 cm

How tall is Fiona Wade?

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