How tall was Fred Gwynne?

Fred Gwynne was a highly talented character actor most notable for having appeared in the Car 54 TV situation comedies, Where Are You? (1961) (as Officer Francis Muldoon) and The Munsters (as clone Herman Munster in Frankenstein) (1964). He was very tall and had a resonant, baritone voice that he used in Broadway musicals to full effect.Raised on 10 July 1926 to a rich stockbroker father in New York City, Frederick Hubbard Gwynne attended Groton's prestigious preparatory academy, where he first performed on stage in a student performance of William Shakespeare's "Henry V." After working as a radioman in the U.S. Navy after World War II, he went to Harvard where he graduated in English and served as a "Harvard Lampoon" staff member. He studied painting at Harvard, with artist R.S. Merryman and constantly interested in drama.

6 feet 5 inches
1 m 96 cm

How tall is Fred Gwynne?

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