How tall is Gina Philips?

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Gina Philips is a native Floridian, born Gina Consolo. She has one son, Bobby Consolo, and her parents, Fredi and Robert, born in Miami. In the market, none of them are involved. She came close to completing her degree at Pennsylvania University, being only one class shortly before dropping out to take up a full-time career job.Beginning with guest appearances on television and eventually moving into independent and made-for-tv films, Philips eventually developed regular roles on David E. Kelley's Ally McBeal (1997) and Boston Public (2000) She also took the lead in Victor Salva's Jeepers Creepers (2001) in the mainstream horror genre.

5 feet 25 inches
1 m 60 cm

How tall is Gina Philips?

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