How tall is Hector Elizondo?

Hector Elizondo was born in New York City, New York where he was brought up, on Manhattan's Upper West Side. He is the son of Martín Echevarría Elizondo and Carmen Medina Reyes. Hector is of Basque and Puerto Rican origin, and in Basque 'Elizondo' means 'at the foot of the altar.' In his pre-acting days his lifestyle was as varied as today's roles he performs. He was a latin band conga drummer, a classical guitarist and singer, a weightlifting instructor, a ballet dancer, and a bodybuilding gym boss. He played basketball and baseball in his youth, and was scouted by the farm teams of the New York Giants and Pittsburgh Pirates.

5 feet 9 inches
1 m 77 cm

How tall is Hector Elizondo?

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