How tall is Howard Jones?

John Howard Jones (born 23 February 1955) is an English singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Around 1983 and 1986, he released ten top 40 hits in the UK; six of those 10 songs were in the top ten, including "What Is Love?," "New Album," and "Life Can Only Get Better." His album Human's Lib, released in 1984, reached number one on UK Albums Chart. Jones had 15 top 40 single hits around the world, from 11983 to 1992. Jones were representative of the US Second British Occupation of the 1980s. AllMusic editor Stephen Thomas Erlewine has described him as "one of the leading synth-pop icons of the mid-'80s," playing at the seminal Live Aid concert in 1985.

5 feet 6 inches
1 m 70 cm

How tall is Howard Jones?

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