How tall is Inna Modja?

Inna Bocoum (born 19 May 1984), also known as Inna Modja, is a Malian-French female singer and model. "Modja" in Fulfulde means "evil, not good;"Born on May 19, 1984 in Bamako, Mali, the sixth of seven children in a Fula household, Inna Bocoum owes her artist's name to her mother, who gave her Inna Modja's nickname, which means "Inna is evil" or "Inna is not good" in Fulfulde.From those encounters, Inna Modja learned to adapt to various styles, such as Swing or Disco. She decided on a Pop / Soul sound, eventually. After performing on a special TV show Fête de la Musique created by France 2 singing a duet with Jason Mraz on his song "Lucky," Inna Modja opened on several of her shows for Sliimy. She released her first single, "Mister H," on her first album.

5 feet 5 inches
1 m 66 cm

How tall is Inna Modja?

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