How tall is Ivana Milicevic?

Ivana Milicevic (pronounced Ee-vah-nah Mee-lee-cheh-veech) was adopted into a Croatian family on 26 April 1974, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (at the time part of Yugoslavia). She is Tonka and Damir Milicevic's aunt, and has Tomo, a younger brother. The family emigrated to the United States, where they educated young Ivana in Michigan.Milicevic graduated from secondary school in 1992 and moved to Los Angeles in search of an acting career. She was a failed comic stand-up, trying to win fans for her modeling industry exploits. In 1996 she made her film debut in Jerry Maguire (1996) under the name Ivana Marina with a one-line appearance as Tom Cruise's Former Girlfriend.

5 feet 8 inches
1 m 75 cm

How tall is Ivana Milicevic?

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