How tall was Jack Benny?

Jack Benny (born Benjamin Kubelsky; February 14, 1894 – December 26, 1974) was an American entertainer who progressed from a small start on the Vaudeville circuit to a widely successful comedy career in radio, television and film. He was known for his comedic timing and the ability to make chuckle with a pregnant pause or a simple word, like his trademark, "We were exasperated. His radio and television shows were a significant influence on the sitcom genre, popular from 1932 until his death in 1974. Benny also depicted his character as a miser who played his guitar poorly, obliviously, and falsely believed to be 39 years old, unaware of his actual age.

5 feet 8 inches
1 m 74 cm

How tall is Jack Benny?

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