How tall is Jack Kesy?

Jack Kesy Hollywood's debut was in Emina (2009), a short video where he starred as Zoran. The actor has acted in many films and TV shows since its release. The strain hero, Jack Kesy is perhaps one of his best among the TV series he's starred in so far. The actor stars in this show as Gabriel Bolivar, a philandering rock star with a yearning for illegal drugs. Through Television shows and movies like Recruiter, Morgan, Intruders, The Throwaways, Tomato Soup, Juggernaut and Hot Summer Nights, Kesy has made up his net worth. He also starred in Baywatch (2017), which according to Box Office received $57.2 million domestic and $152.1 million on a budget of around $69 million worldwide

6 feet
1 m 85 cm

How tall is Jack Kesy?

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