How tall was Jeff Chandler?

Jeff was raised in Brooklyn, and attended high school in Erasmus. He took a acting course after high school, then worked for two years in equity companies. His next role would be that of an officer during World War II. He was busy performing in radio plays and comedies until he was signed by Universal after he was discharged from the army. Jeff would become a celebrity producing westerns and adventure pictures in the 1950s. His performance as Cochise in Broken Arrow (1950) will recommend him for an Academy Award. He would follow that by playing Cochise's part in two sequels: The War at Apache Pass (1952) and Taza, Cochise's Son (1954). While his early gray hair and tanned face suited him well in his westerns and action shots, he would be inserted in soaps and costume movies by the network.

6 feet 3 inches
1 m 93 cm

How tall is Jeff Chandler?

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