How tall is Jenny Slate?

Jenny Slate was born as Jenny Sarah Slate on 25 March 1982 in Milton, Massachusetts, USA. Best for Zootopia (2016), Obvious Child (2014) and The Secret Life of Pets (2016), she is an actress and actor. She had previously been regularly married to Dean Fleischer-Camp. Seen on VH1. Renowned for accidentally dropping the F-bomb on her Saturday Night Live (1975) debut in 2009. Jenny Slate hosted a comedy night with Gabe Liedman and Max Silvestri, having graduated from Columbia with degrees in English and Comparative Literature. In a stop-motion short called "Marcel the Shell With Shoes On," Jenny Slate got her start in voice work. Since then she has voiced many characters like Bellwether in Z

5 feet 4 inches
1 m 63 cm

How tall is Jenny Slate?

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