How tall is Jessica Lowndes?

Jessica Lowndes was born in 1988, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She taught in Surrey, at the Pacific Academy. Jessica is an accomplished model, and a musician. She wrote 4 popular songs: "Never Alone," "Split" and "Move Away" and "Goodbye." This last was heard in an episode of the Moonlight (2007) series. Today you can see Jessica portraying Adrianna Tate-Duncan's part on the TV series 90210 (2008).In 2005, Lowndes was discovered by producers of the show Masters of Terror (2005), in which she made a guest star appearance in 1 season. Adrianna's role was supposed to be a rotating guest role but the writers wanted to add her as a regular due to the fact that her character was a big success with viewers.

5 feet 3 inches
1 m 61 cm

How tall is Jessica Lowndes?

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