How tall is Jessica Ransom?

Jessica Ransom (born 20 January 1982) is a British actress best known for her role in the ITV drama Doc Martin (2011–2019) as a medical receptionist Morwenna Newcross.[1 ] She won a Children's BAFTA Award in 2015.Ransom was born on 20 January 1982 in Sheffield, England.[1 ] At the High Storrs School in Sheffield, she studied GCSE in Expressive Arts and A Level Theatre Studies.Ransom did sketch writing and comedy, after graduating from Birmingham University. She performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with two pieces: "Million" and "Unsung Heroes."[2][3 ] From 2009 to 2010, she starred in the sketch show The Armstrong and Miller Series with various side characters.

5 feet 6 inches
1 m 70 cm

How tall is Jessica Ransom?

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