How tall is John C McGinley?

The American star is John Christopher McGinley. He is most impressive in his appearances as Scrubs's Perry Cox, Office Space's Bob Slydell, The Rock's Captain Hendrix, Oliver Stone's Platoon Sergeant Red O'Neill, Stony's Wall Street Marv and Point Break's FBI agent, Ben Harp, etc.The road to stardom of John C. McGinley is a tale that reads like a Hollywood classical script. While he was a pupil at New York Circle-In - The-Square production of John Patrick Shanley's' Danny and the Deep Blue Sea,' producer Oliver Stone found his first, long list of Stone and McGinley partnership,' Wall Street,'' Talk Radio,'' Born on the Fourth of July,'' Nixon' and' Every Offer Sunday,' shortly afterwards, at the Platoon production facility.

6 feet
1 m 85 cm

How tall is John C McGinley?

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