How tall is Julie Christie?

The British film star Julie Christie, whom Al Pacino called "the most romantic of all actresses," was born in Chabua, Assam, India, on April 14, 1940, the daughter of Rosemary (Ramsden), a writer, and Francis St. John "Frank" Christie, a tea planter. The young Christie grew up on the plantation of her family, before being sent for her education to England. After finishing her studies in Paris, where she relocated to develop her French with an view to potentially becoming a linguist (she is fluent in French and Italian), the teenager fell in love with the Continent's democracy. Christie first collaborated with the man who would send her career into high gear, director John Schlesinger, when he picked her as a substitute for the Billy Liar (1963) star. As the free-wheeling Liz, Christie's appearance in the film was a stunner, and she got her first experience of being a symbol if not an example of the modern British cinema.

5 feet 2 inches
1 m 60 cm

How tall is Julie Christie?

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