How tall is K.T. Tunstall?

The songwriter and singer is Kate Victoria Tunstall, born 23 June 1975 and is professionally known as KT Tunstall[3][4]. She opened the public eye with her song ' Black Horse and the Cherry Tree ' live solo performance on Later in 2004... Holland with Jools. She was born into an exotic Hong Kong dancer in Edinburgh and was embraced by David and St Andrews ' Rosemary Tunstall. She began playing piano at the age of four, and learned to play other musical instruments.[5][6] She studied in St. Andrews at the Lawhead and Madras Primary School and in Kent, Connecticut in the United States. She graduated from the Roy in 1996 with her BA in drama & music.

5 feet 1 inches
1 m 57 cm

How tall is K.T. Tunstall?

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