How tall is Lesley Garrett?

Lesley Garrett, CBE (born 10 April 1955) is a personality of English soprano singer, musician, broadcaster, and media. She's known for performing in opera at home and "crossover pop". Garrett's enjoyed an impressive career in recording. A graduate of the Royal Academy of Music and an alumn of the renowned National Opera Company, she received the Kathleen Ferrier Award's Decca Prize in 1979, thereby launching her career. Garrett has appeared internationally, in countries across Asia, as well as in the Uk, Canada, Russia, Mexico, India, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea. She also performed opera and rock hits with Bryan Ferry, Eurythmics and Mick Hucknall to mark the start of the new century in the gardens of the Royal Observatory and the National Maritime Museum on Millennium Eve.

5 feet 4 inches
1 m 63 cm

How tall is Lesley Garrett?

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