How tall is Li Gong?

Raised in Shenyang, the daughter of an economics professor, grew up in Jinan. Loved music from childhood, and dreamed of a career in acting. After struggling to get admission to China's top music school in 1985, she applied for and was accepted to Beijing's Main Drama Academy, from which she graduated in 1989. Although still a teen, Red Sorghum (1988) was cast as the female lead (aka "Red Sorghum"). China's best-known Western actress, she was named Best Actress for her role in The Story of Qiu Ju (1992) at the 49th Venice International Film Festival (aka "The Story of Qiu Ju"). He made a string of popular films with Yimou Zhang, a partnership that seemingly ended with the breakup of their personal relationship in 1995 and the subsequent marriage of Gong to a manager of a tobacco company.Representative of clothing brand Shanghai Tang. Graduated from Beijing's Central Drama School (1989)

5 feet 6 inches
1 m 68 cm

How tall is Li Gong?

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