How tall was Louis Jourdan?

Louis Jourdan was born to Yvonne (born Jourdan) and Henry Gendre, a hotel director, Louis Robert Gendre in Marseille, France. He had been raised in France, the UK and Turkey. He had studied at the École Dramatique as an actor with René Simon. He made his film debut in 1939, playing cultivated, smooth, dashing lead roles in a variety of romantic comedies and dramas from France. After his father, the manager of the Cannes Grand Hôtel, was imprisoned by the Gestapo during World War II, Louis and his two brothers (both of whom were film directors, Pierre Jourdan and Robert Gendre) entered the French underground; his film career came to a halt when he declined to participate in Nazi propaganda movies.

5 feet 10 inches
1 m 80 cm

How tall is Louis Jourdan?

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