How tall is Maria Pitillo?

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Born in Elmira, NY, and raised in Mahwah, NJ, Maria Pitillo is of Italian and Irish heritage. Known mainly for her role as Audrey Timmonds in the Godzilla monster flick (1998), Maria got into the show business after being asked to audition for a part in a TV commercial by a mother.After a few tryouts, for everything from Pepto-Bismol and Chic Jeans to performing bit parts in film and on TV, Maria was soon featured in television commercials. In the production of Spike of Bensonhurst (1988) Maria was publicly introduced to the world as Angel, the daughter of a Brooklyn mobster. Maria then packed her bags after a recurring role on the ABC Soap Opera, Ryan's Hope (1975), and set her sights on Sunny California. She got her first shot at a steady gig, with small roles in a number of films and on TV, and was cast as Gina in the ill-fated South of Sunset (1993), where only one episode aired.

5 feet 25 inches
1 m 60 cm

How tall is Maria Pitillo?

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