How tall is Melanie Hill?

She shared in a Vanburgh Competition at RADA in London. Women Beware Women (Royal Court), Under Milk Wood, Selfish Shellfish, Twelfth Night, Deathtrap, Dirty Linen, Breezeblock Park, Who Killed Hilda Murrell, were her stage plays?Lake fire and Bread (1986) stage version. The British TV drama Bread (1986) is best-known as Aveline. On Wiedersehen, Pet, 1983 (Hazel), Juliet Bravo, 1980 (The Bill 1984), and Screenplay: A Night on the Tyne,1989), and Boon (1986), among others, will be featured on TV. Two daughters, Lorna and Molly, are from Melanie.

5 feet 4 inches
1 m 65 cm

How tall is Melanie Hill?

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