How tall is Melissa Gisoni?

Best for Todrick Hall, Melissa Ziegler is an actress: Freaks Like Me (2014), The 47th Floor (2011) and Dance Moms (2011). Since 2013 she was married to Greg Gisoni. They have three girls. Prior to that she was married to Kurt Ziegler.Sulo is their maiden name. Melissa and her ex-husband Kurt Ziegler split due to the events of "Dance Mothers." Greg Gisnoi has been married twice. After Greg was married she was Matthew Gisoni and Michele Gisnoi's step mother. She has two step sons from her marriage to Kurt named Ryan Ziegler and Tyler Ziegler. The closest friends Melissa has are Jill Vertes and Kira Hilliker. Melissa and former "Dance Mothers" actress Abby Lee Miller are close friends. Bopcha's mother Melissa died before "Dance Moms" premiered. Maddie Ziegler's mother and Mackenzie Ziegler, along with her ex-husband Kurt Ziegler.

5 feet 3 inches
1 m 61 cm

How tall is Melissa Gisoni?

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