How tall is Michelle Gomez?

Raised in Glasgow, Scotland, on November 23, 1966. Her job on Green Wing (2004), Doctor Who (2005) and The Book Group (2002) has been popular for her. Since 1 May 2000, she was engaged to Jack Davenport. You've got a baby. In 2010, she bore a son, Harry. The readers of Doctor Who (2005) Magazine voted her best guest star for her 2014 season role. She sang the Mickey theme in her scenes in Doctor Who(2005). In Doctor Who (1963) or Doctor Who (2005), she was the first woman to play the Inquisitor, the greatest enemy for the Doctor in Time-Lord, The Time Lord had become a Time Lady also for the first time in the series. Most respected her penalty

5 feet 4 inches
1 m 63 cm

How tall is Michelle Gomez?

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