How tall is Nathaniel Lees?

Nathaniel Lees, an experienced actor of Samoan origin who was born in New Zealand, has performed impressively as an actor and head of theatre. As a native of New Zealand, his name came as no surprise, and his face appeared on notable ventures in New Zealand, including Hercules: The Epic Journey, Young Hercules, Xena: Warrior Queen and Lord of the Rings: Two Towers, the latter of which he portrayed the Uruk Hai named Ugluk. When the new century arrived, Lees was perhaps best known in The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions (2003) for his appearance as the battle-hardened Captain Mifune. His directorial credentials are similarly noteworthy as he has directed plays which have received numerous Chapman Tripp Theater Awards awards.

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How tall is Nathaniel Lees?

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