How tall was Nick Cravat?

Burt Lancaster's long-time acrobatic circus partner (performing as "Lang & Cravat") may have been small in height, but he was high in physical ability and highly fun to see on-screen. Cravat was as tough as a horse, according to accounts. It took many guys, when he lost his cool, to hold him back. Cravat appeared in nine movies alongside Lancaster. The most recalled were The Blaze and the Arrow (1950), with Piccolo playing Cravat, and Ojo playing The Crimson Pirate (1952). One of Cravat's main parts was the aircraft-eating gremlin terrorizing terrified commuter William Shatner on The Twilight Zone: 20,000 Feet Nightmare (1963) in the movie, 20,000 Foot Nightmare. Interestingly enough, both Cravat & Lancaster died in 1994.

5 feet 2 inches
1 m 59 cm

How tall is Nick Cravat?

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