How tall is Omar Gooding?

The youngest son of an African-American and Barbadian or Bajan (from Barbados) father, Cuba Gooding, and the African-American and Irish mother Shirley Sullivan, both singers and entertainers, is Omar Gooding, an American actor and filmmaker. His wife, now deceased, was the lead singer of The Main Ingredient, an internationally recognized R&B outfit.It all started when his older brother, Cuba Jr., had a dream of being an actor, so their mother took the family on the road and they settled in a town called Toluca Lake, 5 miles from Hollywood. Omar's brother was taking acting lessons and signed with an attorney. At 10, Gooding was sent to the office of his brother's lawyer to pick up a script in which the Coralie Jr. "discovered" him. Agency Theatrical.

6 feet
1 m 83 cm

How tall is Omar Gooding?

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