How tall is Paula Malcomson?

Born in 1970 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Paula Malcomson is an extremely prolific film and television actress with numerous credits to her name. Malcomson began her career in the early 1990s with small parts primarily in film before scoring higher-profiles roles in the Oscar-nominated film The Green Mile (1999) and A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001).She has also played in HBO's Deadwood (2004), John from Cincinnati (2007). ER (1994), Lost (2004), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000), and had regular roles on both Sons of Anarchy (2008) and Caprica (2009) in 2010.

5 feet 4 inches
1 m 65 cm

How tall is Paula Malcomson?

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