How tall was Pop Smoke?

Pop Smoke, whose real name was Bashar Barakah Jackson, was an American rapper and songwriter. He was born on July 20, 1999, in Brooklyn, New York. Sadly, he was killed in a home invasion robbery in Los Angeles, California, on February 19, 2020, at the age of 20. Pop Smoke was 5 feet 10 inches (177 cm) tall. He was known for his deep, gravelly voice and his unique style of blending drill music with elements of UK grime and Brooklyn drill. Pop Smoke grew up in Canarsie, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, and began making music at a young age. He released his first single, "MPR," in 2018, and quickly gained a following on SoundCloud. In 2019, Pop Smoke released his breakout single "Welcome to the Party," which became a viral hit and helped him gain national attention. He released his debut mixtape, "Meet the Woo," later that year, which was followed by a sequel, "Meet the Woo 2," in 2020. Pop Smoke's music was known for its aggressive lyrics and heavy use of bass, and he was credited with popularizing the Brooklyn drill sound. He collaborated with several notable artists during his brief career, including Quavo, Lil Tjay, and Travis Scott. In addition to his music, Pop Smoke was also known for his fashion sense and was frequently photographed wearing designer clothing and jewelry. He was signed to the record label Victor Victor Worldwide and was seen as a rising star in the hip-hop community before his untimely death.

5 feet 10 inches
1 m 78 cm

How tall is Pop Smoke?

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