How tall is Raquel Cassidy?

The third child and only daughter, the couple, was born to a Spanish mother and an English father. She was born and brought up in the Fleet of Hampshire, where she studied modern languages, biologic anthropology at Farnborough Hill Convent and at Cambridge Girton College. With her appearance as the rehabilitated robbery and ladies ' maid in Downton Abbey in the 2013-2015 season, Cassidy is best known with Phyllen Baxter. The role of Home Office Junior Minister Jo Porter is also one of the following: Susan Gately in Teachers (series 1 and 2), Cassie Turner in The Worst Week of My Life, and Nancy Weeks in Move, Wallpaper, Miss Hardbroom in The Worst Witch, Lead balloon.

5 feet 5 inches
1 m 66 cm

How tall is Raquel Cassidy?

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