How tall is Ron Ely?

Tarzan's fifteenth screen (if you don't count Gordon Griffith) was to play a Tarzan impersonator in a proposed Mike Henry television series that never materialised. He was checked fourteen months earlier when Henry was getting the part. Ron had various roles in films and television before Tarzan, including the copilot in South Pacific (1958) and co-starred in the short series "Malibu Ru" on TV. In his vine-swinging or animal combat he declined to use a stunt double, and was sometimes injured. Ron's physical appearance and speech was noted to be even more like those of the character of Edgar Rice Burroughs than could be said for any other Tarzan. Ron hosted the "Miss America" pageant on television 1979-81, as well as sporadic roles of TV shows and films, many made in Germany.

6 feet 4 inches
1 m 94 cm

How tall is Ron Ely?

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