How tall is Sarah Cawood?

Sarah Louise Cawood (born 7 August 1972 in St Pancras, London) is an English presenter best known for hosting Live & Kicking, the BBC Children's Saturday morning flagship show. Cawood still doesn't work after wanting to focus on her children.Cawood grew up in the Maxey village of Cambridgeshire and was educated at Stamford High School, Lincolnshire. also attended the London Royal Ballet School and Music Training Institutions. She was host for Nickelodeon from 1995 to 1996. She went on to co-present The Girlie Show in 1997. She also appeared on the Karaoke game series on Channel 5 from 1998 to 2000, Night Fever. She also appeared on the Pops' MTV, Live & Kicking and Bottom.

5 feet 1 inches
1 m 56 cm

How tall is Sarah Cawood?

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