How tall is Scott Baio?

Scott Vincent James Baio was born in Brooklyn, New York, on 22 September 1960. He was Mario and Rose Baio's third child who had emigrated from Italy. Scott had agreed at the early age of nine that he wanted to be an actor. Soon after he was brought by his parents on interviews, he was able to land in advertisements in small roles. His first real taste of success came in 1976 when he beat out 2,000 other child actors for the lead role in the Bugsy Malone (1976) child gangster film. The next year Scott's success took off after he was picked on the ABC sitcom Happy Days (1974) for the role of Chachi Arcola, The Fonz's cousin.

5 feet 10 inches
1 m 78 cm

How tall is Scott Baio?

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