How tall is Steve Howey?

Steve Howey represents a classic male masculinity on the frame, which is also steeped in emotion and spirit, from complex and blunt pictures of the fatherhood-go-wild throughout the eighth season of the Showtime's award-nominated EMMY ® Award-listed Shameless to a tangible strength. The man who leads the world of everlasting fun and laughter remains the signatures of the legendary director, artist, producer and businessman. "We represent true men-in their disaster and victory when we see people like Jackie Gleason or Steve McQueen on the television," says he. This is Gleason's charm in The Honeymooners and McQueen's sheer determination, which had a big influence on me when I was young.

6 feet 3 inches
1 m 92 cm

How tall is Steve Howey?

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