How tall is Vanessa Paradis?

Vanessa Paradis was born in 1972, and is a renowned French actress, model and singer. Before becoming a film star she began her career as a model and singer. At age 14, her song "Joe Le Taxi" brought her success to 15 countries. She was later awarded a' César' (Oscar's French equivalent) in 1990 for her debut film Noce blanche (1989).She concentrated on her musical career for the next five years, and rejected Pedro Almodóvar and John Boorman. She starred in Élisa (1995) in 1995, but decided to concentrate with Johnny Depp and their children in her private life. Vanessa went on to continue her music and acting career after several years.

5 feet 2 inches
1 m 60 cm

How tall is Vanessa Paradis?

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