How tall was Victor French?

Victor French was a stuntman's friend. His debut was an uncredited supporting role in Lassie (1954). He had his first true acting opportunities in western-films, where due to his very gruff appearance he generally played the "bad guy." Small House on the Prairie (1974), (as Isaiah Edwards) modified this. He left Little House on the Prairie (1974) in 1977 to star in his own sitcom Carter Country (1977), which took two seasons to produce. French then paired up again in Highway to Heaven (1984) with Michael Landon as (Mark Gordon). Along with Leonard Nimoy, French created LA's "Angel Group," one of the earliest efforts to create LA as an "Off-Broadway-West Coast" form. Its restricted seating arrangement (99 seats) acted as the LA's Equity-Waiver technology test.

6 feet
1 m 85 cm

How tall is Victor French?

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